Company Profile

NEC Fielding Information Technology Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established in Beijing on March 16, 2005 which is one of overseas wholly-owned subsidiary of NEC Fielding, Ltd.


NEC Fielding is Japan's largest IT services company with business philosophy of “exceeds customer’s satisfaction”. NEC Fielding ranking No. 1 of customer satisfaction survey since 2002 for six consecutive years held by J.D. Power Asia Pacific co., Japan


NEC Fielding Information Technology Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is the expert in the business of people counting analytics and continues to stay at the forefront of the industry. We keep adding technology, capabilities and expertise that help us accurately understand consumer behavior throughout the entire shopping lifecycle.


Passer Counting Solution, Enhanced EAS solution, and Remote Store Inspection Solution make clients of retail industry, transportation industry, and public facility industry gain benefit from them. With our effort of global reach, our clients spread all over China, and Southeast Asia territory.


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