Electronic Article Surveillance Plus

Shopping mall owner’s challenges


  • Big problem with shoplifting
  • Thousands of dollars to the theft are losing monthly/yearly
  • Less competitiveness for raising price more than next door


Loss prevention issue is not only for shopping mall


  • Shoplifting from retail store/shopping mall
  • Pilferage of books from libraries
  • Removal of properties from office building




  • Monitoring: Security guard/Video surveillance
  • EAS: Electronic Article surveillance


We are providing more than EAS


EAS + Facial Recognition

Integrated with Facial recognition function to collect and analyze the customers’ Gender and Age information

Integration of EAS and CCTV




Integrated with CCTV Camera

  • Once EAS alarms, CCTV system will be triggered.
  • PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) camera will automatically steer to the alarming location and start to record


Integration of People Counting, EAS and CCTV




Integrated with Passer counting System and CCTV system


  • Signal/alarm from EAS, Passer Counting System (outbound only) simultaneously
  • CCTV system responses when above criteria are met
  • Steer to the location/point of alarm automatically
  • Record the scene in real time for on-site evidence collection


Integration of People Counting, EAS and CCTV


Alarm will be triggered on the following conditions
  1. Outbound customer with tag (unpaid commodity)
  2. Tag (unpaid commodity) is within the surveillance range

When above criteria are met simultaneously, CCTV camera will steer to the alarm zone and record on-side video automatically


  • EAS could provide age/gender information besides electronic articles surveillance function
  • Eliminate false alarming caused by tag with residual magnetism
  • Eliminate Invalid tag within the scope of EAS detection area
  • Record on-side video timely when alarm triggered
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