People Traffic Analysis in Shopping Mall

1. Total Customer Traffic Analysis

Install sensors at every main entrance/exit to grasp the people traffic of whole shopping mall.

- Can also analyze trend and regularity of overall people traffic of the shopping mall, and be able to know people traffic distribution at every main entrance/exit.

- Analyze the people traffic change before and after marketing activities and/or promotion, can make a judgment and assessment of the overall effect on marketing activity and/or promotion, provide data basis for optimizing the overall resource utilization.


2。 Regional, Floor People Traffic Analysis

Install sensors at specific zone and every floor to capture the people traffic data of regional shopping mall and every floor.

- Can grasp shopping mall’s people traffic data in different regions and different floors at different times to analyze the regional customer attraction ability and regularity of people movement among different zones and floor.

- The data can also be used to optimize the shopping lines design and guide customer’s movement in the shopping mall to make them more effectively and bring more sales opportunities。


3。 Store (Brand) People Traffic Analysis

Install sensor at all stores can grasp all tenants’ people traffic data to master the details of people traffic in every store.

- Through the analysis of very store people traffic data, shopping mall calculate every store’s people traffic contribution to shopping mall (people attraction capability). It makes brand optimization easily.

- Help tenants to optimize human resources allocation, and achieve better business performance.

- Maximize the use of shopping mall space resources, let every inch of the shopping mall area has maximum effectiveness。


4。 Gender/Age Analysis

Install facial recognition equipment at main entrances/exits, collecting customers’ gender/age information

- Have a whole picture of customers mix of gender and age;

- Adjust brands and commodity combination according to information of customers’ mix of gender and age;

- According to customers’ mix of gender and age, arrange proper promotion activities and increase customer purchase probability;


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