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    Passer Counting Solution
    NEC Passer Counting System using a video camera, can achieve higher accuracy. Focus of humanoid with three-dimensional identification technology (vector method, the world patent technology), can identify three-dimensional shape, realize high speed high density analysis. A very complicated human behavior can be accurately counted.
    Electronic Article Surveillance Plus
    EAS is a technology used to identify articles as they pass through a gated area in a store. This identification is used to alert someone that unauthorized removal of items is being attempted. EAS Plus can make much more such as identify the customers’ gender/age, synchronize with CCTV camera, and synchronize both passer counting sensor and CCTV camera. It value added to EAS system by providing visitor analysis and lower down miss alert besides reduce the commodity lose.
    Remote Visual Store Inspection
    Cloud based Remote Store Inspection system can be used for remote video chain store tour. PC and mobile terminal can check every store high-definition video images in real time. Make your daily store inspection such as commodity display, shopping guidance, promotion process, staff evaluation very easily. Equipped with high accuracy passer counting sensor can also count the people traffic in every store and generate professional analysis reports.


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